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Jinhe light up every screen.

From prouduction to installation, every lamp and IC is selected carefully to ensure the quality and details.

The requests of customer are our focus.

SolveLED display screen

Installation problem

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According to customer needs,Integrated installation environment
Provide a comprehensive solution.



Excellent quality which is same as the description… the fast delivery, and superior packing combined with the good service, All in all, I am very happy with the purchasing experience through the whole process…

To be honest, this is the best cooperation I’ve done in years, no matter it’s service or the products, I am all happy with it. Their professional patient attitude towards questions is great… Thanks and I appreciate it very much.

The onsite guys are very professional and they get work in a very professional and efficient way… I am looking forward more opportunities working with you all again.

Guaranteed quality with excellent customer service, it deserves the positive comments and long time partnership.

To be honest with you, I don’t know much about the display screen, however, the customer’s patient communication before order and technical support after order , as well as the onsite support ensures a very exciting result.. Thanks and everything is perfect.

The packages are in good condition after receiving goods, all accessories are in place to allow an easy installation. it’s very convenient and handy to control screen and edit program by APP on phone… I will definitely work with you again.

Fast Delivery, Simply installation, knowledgeable technical instruction, excellent quality and more importantly, the cost effective price is definitely worth my positive feedback.

The scrolling screen is very light and easy to install… it can be easily controlled by Wifi with your phone, the text is very clear and worth good recommendation.

My 2nd cooperation with Jihhe, they never let me know no matter products or after service, they are great and will be my 1st choice to work with them again.

  • 12Years

    Professional LED Display Production

  • 500Sets

    Advanced Production Equipment

  • 8000M2

    Workshop Area

  • 500People

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Specialize in full color LED screen customized

With advanced fully automated production line and capacity value in the forefront of the industry.Create visual enjoyment and solve the difficult problem of LED screen installation.