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Advertising media solution

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    Widely used in sports venues, commercial applications, bank cards, postal terminals, large shopping malls, government agencies, schools, enterprises and other places of advertising.

Demand Analysis

As a new media propaganda technique, outdoor advertising media has become a new force in the advertising media industry. Waterproof IP65, its color, vivid image, novel design, video synchronization and other basic requirements. The novel visual effects bring visual impact to the audience, which can stand out in the vast amount of cumbersome advertising information, attract people's attention, and the good communication process brings a good impression to the audience and realizes the advertising needs of the brand owners;
As one of the well-known LED display manufacturers in China, Jinhe Optoelectronics provides effective services for customer service needs, including pre-design, production, installation, commissioning, and after-sales. The company develops high-tech and realizes stable operation of LED display. Long-term display of good results, maximize the value of advertising;

Program features

1. Adopt ultra-high-brightness LED driven by low power consumption to achieve application in any outdoor brightness environment;
2. high refresh rate and high gray level, make the LED display more realistic, meet the high visual quality requirements of commercial use;
3.using PFC power supply, so that the power supply continues to be stable;
4. Display environment monitoring system to master the operation status of the display;
5. timing or remote real-time control of the LED display switch;
6. support network clustering control function, can control the global display screen in one place, arbitrarily change the content you want to play;
7. Photosensitive control system, which automatically adjusts the brightness of the display according to the change of outdoor light, saving energy and environmental protection and reducing operating costs;

The system structure