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Enterprise unit solution

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  • Application range

    Widely used: indoor halls, office buildings, administrative units, institutions, video conferencing, distance education, communication assistance and other business unit locations.

demand analysis

Enterprise is used in daily meetings of government and enterprises to achieve fast communication and efficient operation, and work efficiency is one of the necessary means! Traditional conference projectors have low brightness, blurred images, limited viewing angles, and high application environment requirements, which are not good for office meetings.
Jinhe photoelectric LED display can realize remote video support for multi-server dynamic cluster deployment, and provide multiple high-performance servers with good interoperability, higher security, high reliability and high stability, and support different needs. Conference mode to ensure the synergy and efficiency of the entire organization.

Program features

1. Advanced: Support the most advanced H.323 and SIP dual working stacks in the industry, adopting the most advanced H.264 High Profile HD video encoding technology that can be applied to different IP network bandwidth conditions, supporting G.722.1 C , G.719, MPEG4 AAC-LC/LD high-fidelity wide audio coding technology.
2, security: the use of high security measures and encryption system, effectively resist attacks such as network viruses and hackers, has a strict authorization and authentication mechanism, and can be compatible with a variety of network encryption machines.
3. Reliability: The core equipment MCU and terminal of the system adopt the carrier-class embedded operating system, which can guarantee uninterrupted operation for 7*24 hours. In addition, the system also carries out reliability design from platforms, lines, terminals and other aspects, including redundant backup strategies such as platform power, complete machine, network port and transmission line, which fully guarantees the reliability of the system.
4. Scalability: The design fully considers the development of the network and services in the future, leaving sufficient room for expansion, which can easily realize the expansion and upgrade of the video system, adapt to the needs of future video applications, and protect the user's investment to the greatest extent. For example, based on the existing platform, the video conference is extended to the desktop and the mobile terminal to realize video communication anytime and anywhere.
5, ease of use: the use of graphical user interface, full Chinese man-machine dialogue mode, easy to operate, maintain and manage. Supports the carrier-class network management system, which can realize the full-time network management of the MCU, terminal status, device information, alarms, etc., and greatly reduce the maintenance difficulty.

System structure