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LED rental screen stage collapse,caused a dead and more than 10 injured

2018-12-17 24707

On 29 October, 2015, the stage lighthouse being built suddenly collapsed in Guangxi Sports Center, which was supposed to be used for Jolin Tsai concert on 31 October, 2015.  The accident caused one person died and more than 10 injured, they were sent to hospital for curing.  According to the police, relevant personnel have been controlled, the only lucky thing is the collapse not happened on the concert otherwise the consequences will be disastrous.

A related person of the conference company who participated in the concert disclosed in a circle of friends that the collapse may be related to the budget.  He wrote in the circle of friends: “Party A cuts the price, Party B guarantees profits, and the result is the scene from time to time. There are safety hazards such as the collapse of the stage.  To be cheap, this is the case.  Fortunately, it is not happened at the event."

As a LED service provider, other than profit, social responsibility is the most important focus, which including quality, environmental protection and safety.  Everyone shall do his best to contribute to the society, to his country.


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