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Stage rental solution

  • Point spacing


  • Application range

    Widely used in bars, high-end entertainment venues, fashion catwalks, press conferences, sports venues, large-scale stage, concerts, wedding ceremonies, etc.

Demand Analysis

With the breakthrough in LED display technology innovation, LED rental screens are frequently used in large-scale events, fashion shows, press releases, festive ceremonies and other large-scale events, and LED rental screens are crucial in the stability of the entire process. Important role, not only requires thin and light, easy to install and debug, but also requires high stability to avoid safety hazards.
Jinhe has developed the industry's advanced point-by-point correction technology, coupled with high-frequency refresh, high-definition contrast, making the picture bright and clear, and the combination of realistic pictures and fantastic music, giving people an immersive audio-visual feast. In addition, we have professional staff to assist in installation, inspection and commissioning to ensure the stability of the entire rental screen. Guarantee every customer's peace of mind.


1. 1.Adjusting brightness does not affect grayscale, and it has great color expression.
2.High contrast, consistent white balance, uniform color display, high picture clarity, meeting the requirements of live broadcast.
3.Ultra-high refresh rate, completely eliminates the appearance of scan lines, meets the needs of stage shooting, and presents perfect results.
4. Not only easy to install and disassemble, but also cost-effective, suitable for large-area manufacturing stage background.
5. 5.Equipped with professional audio and video processing system, support live broadcast, large, clear live video, breaking the seat restrictions, making it easier to watch performances from a distance, giving an immersive audio-visual feast, highlights, slow-motion playback, close-up Lens.

System Architecture