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All the advantages of transparent LED display

2018-12-11 11803

Transparent LED display is mainly used in building glass curtain wall, used to display high-definition screen, with high permeability, ultra light characteristics, the traditional LED display screen installed in the building outside the wall, completely block the outdoor light, the weight of the body itself test the safety of the building itself, but also may affect the style of the building itself Transparent LED display from the appearance and building into one, does not affect the original style of buildings, and does not affect the lighting of buildings, with light weight, thin screen and other characteristics, in the field of construction media has obvious technical advantages.

Its realization principle is the light strip screen's micro-innovation, to the SMD manufacture craft, the lamp bead package, the control system all carried on the pertinence improvement, coupled with the hollow design structure, reduced the structural component to the line of sight the barrier, enhanced the perspective effect maximally. At the same time also has a novel unique display effect, the audience stood at the ideal distance to watch, the screen like suspended in the glass curtain wall. Led transparent screen allows the application of LED display screen to expand to the architectural glass curtain wall and commercial retail window of the two major markets, the new media has become a new trend.

The transparent LED display not only integrates all the advantages of the conventional outdoor HD LED display, but also eliminates the urban aesthetic problem. Because it is often installed behind the glass curtain wall, even when not working during the day, there is no impact on the surrounding environment. At the same time, because it is a new form of indoor advertising outdoor communication, so good to avoid the outdoor advertising approval. In addition, with the rapid pace of urban construction, glass curtain wall This high-end atmosphere grade building materials also began to become popular gradually, transparent screen by virtue of its thin, no need for steel structure, installation and maintenance of simple, good permeability and other characteristics, and glass curtain wall is clicked, applied to glass curtain wall not only without Shong sense, It is due to its fashion, aesthetics, rich in modern sense and technological atmosphere, to the urban architecture has added a special sense of beauty. Therefore, led transparent screen in the market has won the unanimous recognition by the broad attention and hot.


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