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The application of LED display in the film industry

2018-12-11 12833

Last March, Samsung launched the world's first led movie screen at the CinemaCon film Fair in Las Vegas.And in July, Samsung, in South Korea's Seoul World Tower Lotte Cinema (Lottecinemaworldtower), completed the installation of the world's top commercial screen.Samsung also plans to install led film screens in the Paragoncineplex Theatre in Bangkok, Thailand, in February 2018 .

   For China led display enterprise, the theater market is long-awaited goal, after all, the theater market is very large scale!

   Small pixel pitch LED screen into the cinema, there is technical feasibility. 

   First of all, LED display can achieve high brightness. This is one of the most prominent features of LED display, it generally uses the principle of spontaneous light, each pixel point independent light-emitting, based on the location of the imaging difference is almost zero, and LED screen can use All black screen background, so that the image contrast performance better. In addition to the characteristics of self luminescence, you can let the LED screen in the brighter indoor lighting environment imaging. As a result, the hardware requirements for the auditorium environment are greatly reduced.

   Second, led small pixel pitch LED display through seamless stitching can break the limits of the theater area. In the gap greatly reduced, the definition can be compared with DLP and other projection technology.

   However, the small spacing LED screen in the application of the cinema is not perfect. Compared with the same size of the projector, the small spacing LED screen cost is relatively high, the upfront investment is also relatively large, the quality of the delicate degree is still not up to the "film" level. Small spacing LED screen into the film market, in addition to breaking the technology and costs, but also to consider how to persuade filming, post-production, distribution, cinema chain and use of LED instead of DLP.


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