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Full color led display future development Seven Trends-4

2018-12-11 14805


  Energy-saving is the direction that any industry in our country is striving for. LED full color display refers to the use of electricity and operating costs, so energy-saving related to the benefits of LED full-color screen operators, but also related to the use of national energy. From the current situation, the energy-saving LED display will not be more expensive than the conventional display, and in the later use will save costs, praised by the market.

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   In the future, the energy-saving of LED full color screen will be a bargaining chip of enterprise competition. However, energy-saving is a trend, but not as a gimmick for enterprise competition, energy-saving data can not be arbitrarily marked by the enterprise. At present, some enterprises in the market in order to attract eyeballs, have played energy-saving 70%, energy-saving 80% and so on data, and the real energy-saving effect is difficult to measure. In addition, some people deliberately confuse energy saving with the concept of high brightness, the LED display of energy-saving effect depends entirely on high-brightness, which is also incorrect concept.

   As an energy-saving LED display, must be the comprehensive results under a variety of indicators, highlighting LED lamp, drive IC, switching power supply, product power design, intelligent energy-saving system design and structural energy-saving design related to energy-saving effects, so the realization of energy-saving requires the joint efforts of the entire industry.


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