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Security monitoring solution

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    Widely used in news broadcasting, command centers, public security organs, transportation, meteorological stations, etc.

Demand Analysis

The Safety Supervision Emergency Rescue Command and Dispatching Center is a supervision and management control center that integrates communication, rescue, command, supervision and control, and provides a public safety and dispatching place for emergency rescue. The large screen displays a large amount of data information and displays the high-definition picture of the on-site environment, which facilitates unified command and dispatch, and ensures that the entire command system is linked, efficient, and complete.
Jinhe use small pitch high resolution products. Really restore the scene; support multi-channel simultaneous signal access, display complete and clear video through system processing, you can choose zoom, zoom, rotate, fast move and other display effects, provide effective help for various decisions, realize real-time command and dispatch control.

Program features

1. Integration: Realize centralized control of large-screen and other peripheral equipment, user-friendly design of operation interface, realize control of any computer in the network through touch screen or touch integrated machine, including PPT demonstration, remote configuration operation, etc.
2. Administrative authority subdivision: The controller supports network sub-control and multi-user operation. The user can operate the large screen with a single mouse or keyboard. The operator can also set the software accordingly, and use the equipment of each workstation to control the large screen system and carry out various items, realize interactive remote control operation.
3. Multiple signal source access: Support multiple signal source access, control software supports signal image window and processor window and other application window operations, including window on/off, property settings, free-motion zoom, overlay, and any window roaming on the mosaic wall.
4. Pre-plan?management: It can conveniently realize the scene and pre-plan preparation, save, modify and delete. It can realize all the display screens pre-arranged (setting the template for the window size and position of the display signal, and can call the existing display plan at any time) to support the use. The "hotkey" (shortcut key) quickly calls the plan. Support the automatic execution of the plan, which can be triggered according to time or event, realize automatic display of the screen.
5. Compatibility: Realize multi-set display system interconnection, such as the interconnection of fire station monitoring system, public security bureau monitoring system, traffic control bureau monitoring system.

System Architecture