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    Advertising media solution

    As a new media propaganda technique, outdoor advertising media has become a new force in the advertising media industry. Waterproof IP65, its color, vivid image, novel design, video synchronization and other basic requirements. The novel visual effects bring visual impact to the audience, which can stand out in the vast amount of cumbersome advertising information, attract people's attention, and the good communication process brings a good impression to the audience and realizes the advertising needs of the brand owners.


    Enterprise unit solution

    Enterprise is used in daily meetings of government and enterprises to achieve fast communication and efficient operation, and work efficiency is one of the necessary means! Traditional conference projectors have low brightness, blurred images, limited viewing angles, and high application environment requirements, which are not good for office meetings.


    Stage rental solution

    With the breakthrough in LED display technology innovation, LED rental screens are frequently used in large-scale events, fashion shows, press releases, festive ceremonies and other large-scale events, and LED rental screens are crucial in the stability of the entire process. Important role, not only requires thin and light, easy to install and debug, but also requires high stability to avoid safety hazards.


    Gymnasium solution

    According to the requirements of stadiums, Jinhe Optoelectronics provides high-quality LED displays for various match events, mainly for commercial advertisement, highlights, slow-motion playback, close-up, etc. The perfect display effect not only enhances the brand image of the sport events’ sponsors and organizers, but also conveys information of the events,as well as ensuring every audience immersed in the live competitive atmosphere.


    Security monitoring solution

    The Safety Supervision Emergency Rescue Command and Dispatching Center is a supervision and management control center that integrates communication, rescue, command, supervision and control, and provides a public safety and dispatching place for emergency rescue. The large screen displays a large amount of data information and displays the high-definition picture of the on-site environment, which facilitates unified command and dispatch, and ensures that the entire command system is linked, efficient, and complete.


    Commercial real estate solution

    With the development of social science and technology, people's requirements for viewing have also increased. The effect of traditional humdrum advertisements cannot meet the demands of audience’ enjoyment. LED display screen can provide a unique advertising effect, attracting more target audience. With the benefit of led display technology, you can update your business strategy at any time, only need to link to the Internet.


Jinhe outdoor advertising LED screen

As the rapid development of advertising media industry, it has taller requirement to the advertisement.

Because of the brilliant colour, clear pictures,and audio synchronous,etc, LED screen provide the visual effect.
It maximize the commercial value of media resources and become the most popular advertising carrier in the new media era.
Jinhe adopt Ultra-high-brightness LED driven by low-power consumption for outdoor applications in any brightness environment. High refresh rate and high gray scale,
Make the LED display more realistic and meet the high visual quality requirements of commercial usage.