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  • Position name
  • Position category
  • Number of recruits
  • Working place
  • Release time
  • Jinhe advantage

    A.Through post rotation, adjust to other related or more technical positions for re-learning

    B.Promote positions through daily assessment and promotion assessment

  • Salary:

    A.Provide competitive salary, combined with market, industry and other salary levels to set the salary, the overall salary level is at 75 points

    B.Provide salary models such as annual salary system, monthly salary system, and overtime system

    C.According to the work performance and assessment results, carry out annual salary adjustment or special salary adjustment;

    D.Provide performance bonuses, year-end bonuses and outstanding employee awards

  • Training system:

    A、Based on the concept of employee and company growth, we provide pre-job training and on-the-job training in two categories: company-level, department-level, post-level three-level, internal training and external training.

    B.Covers management, marketing, skills, IT, psychology, general knowledge, etc.

  • Tutor system:

    A.Provide " pre-job support " and "job support" tutor system

    B.The instructor is fully responsible for the work and life of the new employee, so that they can be integrated into the team as soon as possible.

    C.The instructor is responsible for the professional and multi-purpose goals of the employees, so that they can grow rapidly.


A. Purchase insurance and housing provident fund when you join the job;;
B. Enjoy paid holidays such as legal holidays, marriage leave, maternity leave, and annual leave;
C. Elegant, clean and tidy office environment, relaxed and pleasant working atmosphere, humanized, modern management concept, forward-looking business philosophy;
D. Comfortable dormitory environment: Standard room for four people, providing facilities such as bed, air conditioner, water heater, writing desk, etc., only need to share the water and electricity fee;
E. The company's own canteen, high, medium and low price menus to choose from, pay for themselves, free to eat; (can also bring their own meals, eat at the company's living hall).
F. Unscheduled activities such as outings, sports games, talent competitions, outdoor development, company celebrations, etc.;
G. Holidays and employee birthdays, providing intimate gifts;
H. Professional internal and external lecturer team, strong training bonus investment.

We have been recruiting people, and it does not mean how lacking people.

Just want to tell you that there is an excellent team waiting for the excellent you, not to find dozens of people to go to work together, but to find like-minded people to work together!
The new beginning of the new year, a new beginning, give your life a gorgeous turning point, Welcome to join the Jinhe family, we work together to develop together!!
We look forward to the 80s after the feelings! We are eager to surpass the dream of the 90s! We look forward to a passionate 00.
We are here waiting for you!